Local leaders react to Bevin’s concession, Beshear’s victory

Local leaders react to Bevin’s succession, Beshear’s victory

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) – Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin made a concession speech Thursday after a recanvass yielded no major changes in his losing bid for reelection.

The move marks the official end to the election and a transition to a new administration headed by Gov.-Elect Andy Beshear.

"We're going to have a change in the governorship based on the vote of the people," Bevin said.

Bevin not only conceding the election loss but also laid out a vision of his legacy. ​

"Good progress has been made," Bevin said. "I hope there's never a discussion in the history of Kentucky again about whether or not we should fund the pensions. The pensions are still in dire, dire trouble."​

Bevin went on to highlight his accomplishments.

"We've set every record possible as it relates to anything of an economic sort, with more people working now in Kentucky than the history of this state," Bevin said.

Bevin added that things like that aren't based on ideology. He also noted other achievements like what he called the resuscitation of state parks and infrastructure projects, including 100 new bridges built under his guide.

Bevin also noted that cutting red tape was a proud accomplishment of his during his time in office.

However, after four years of waging political battles in Frankfort, it’s no surprise that not everyone agrees with his look back in time, especially when the subject matter is controversial. ​

"I think what his legacy will be is attacking teachers as he did, the verbal comments he made that were so upsetting," Brent McKim, the President of the Jefferson County Teachers Association, said. "Coming after the retirement security for educators. I know that's just going to be huge for many years in educators’ minds. Then, the attempt to take over Jefferson County Public Schools."​

People aligned with Bevin’s ideals said they're hopeful, but also skeptical, of the new governor.

"He certainly has been spectacular for us in the pro-life movement," Margie Montgomery, the Executive Director of the Kentucky Right to Life Association, said. "He cares so much about and about mothers and the legislation he has signed has been wonderful."

Beshear takes office Dec. 10.

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