Businesses are hiring for the holidays, but are there enough workers?

Businesses are hiring for the holidays, but are there enough workers?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Target, Amazon, UPS are some of the big name businesses that are hiring seasonal workers right now, looking for people who want to earn some extra cash for the holidays. There are lots of jobs available, but there might not be enough people to do those jobs.

Many businesses started looking for seasonal help a while ago. The reason for the unusually early start is a tight labor market. A quick search on the internet for seasonal jobs in the area shows there is no shortage when it comes to major retailers and other companies such as Amazon and UPS looking to hire. Some even pay $20 an hour and offer flexible schedules.

Small businesses are hiring too.

"For retailers this is very important," Jennifer Rubenstein from the Louisville Independent Business Alliance said. "This is the biggest season of the year for them. They really want to make sure they are not only meet the demand in their store, there are also other opportunities they can take advantage of if they do have the staffing, pop up shops around town, holiday fairs that sort of thing."

Schimpff's Confectionery in Jeffersonville is one of those local businesses in our area that has history. It's been around for 128 years.

"I've got everyone hands on in the back room right now," Schimpff's manager Cindy Shepherd said. "Our busy season will last from Halloween pretty much until the end of the Easter season."

To help with the seasonal load, it's Vicki Curtis' first day on the job.

“I know all these people and I love to do this kind of stuff,” Curtis said.

Shepherd said finding help isn’t always easy.

“We really struggle,” Shepherd said. “Number one we aren’t the best paid place around. We can’t compete with the Amazons and UPS and big industrial companies out in River Ridge Industrial Park. We are a small family owned business, we only have 22 employees right now.”

Other companies are looking too in this tight labor market.

“It’s definitely a competitive market,” Rubenstein said. “Small independent businesses, they are competing with bigger places that are hiring seasonally, UPS etc. What they have to offer is this more home-y feel. You are part of family when you are working with a small business. You aren’t just a number.”

With adequate staff, Rubenstein said companies can keep up with demand, improve customer satisfaction and even expand services.

A lot of employers are getting more creative about benefits as well. Seasonal help also impacts restaurants as more places are open during the holidays and offer take-home meals too around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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