Response, not intent, the focus of KSP investigation into troopers’ shooting into neighbor’s apartment

The family of five who lives downstairs aren’t happy with the way the troopers handled the Saturday shooting incident that left a hole in their ceiling.
Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 11:36 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Two Kentucky State Police troopers are off the job while the department continues to investigate a shooting incident that happened in the troopers’ apartment over the weekend.

Troopers Dustin Gross and Landon Terry accidentally fired off a rifle in their Oldham Oaks apartment Saturday night, according to police. The bullet shot into the ceiling of the apartment below them.

“We’re very grateful that nobody was injured in it,” KSP Sgt. Josh Lawson said. “The fact that we’re looking at some property damage and some embarrassed troopers, we’re thankful that’s all we’re dealing with.”

The family of five who lives downstairs wasn’t hurt, but they aren’t happy with the way the troopers handled the incident.

After the gun went off, Gross and Terry didn't go downstairs to see if their neighbors were okay, according to police.

"We would expect anybody who is involved in a similar situation, whether they be a police officer, civilian, trooper or otherwise, that if they are involved in such an incident, that their first thought would be to go downstairs and check on the safety of those below them,” Lawson said.

He said the troopers’ lack of response is the main focus of the internal investigation.

The Oldham County Sheriff’s deputy who responded to the shooting suggested in the police report the troopers could be in trouble for neglecting to contact their supervisor. However, Lawson said because the troopers were off duty and the gun was a personal firearm, that isn’t a factor.

Gross and Terry graduated from the Kentucky State Police Academy three weeks ago, and it’s unclear if their lack of experience will help or hurt them.

“Their emotions may have overruled some of their training that they had in this,” said Lawson. “That can be taken into consideration. It’s also taken into consideration the troopers are on probation for a year when they first come out of the academy. So the ease with which they can be dismissed may also be a factor in there.”

Lawson said if Gross and Terry stay with KSP, they may be required to go through more training.

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