Charlestown mayor calls for recount after slim loss in election

Charlestown mayoral election results still in dispute

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The votes were counted and Treva Hodges was named Charlestown’s new mayor on Nov. 5.

But two weeks after the election, those results are still in dispute as current mayor Bob Hall files for a recount.

The petition filed says that “not all of the votes that were cast... were correctly counted and returned.” His petition alleges there were issues with counting absentee ballots and mistakes with the electronic voting system.

Clark County Clerk Susan Popp said they didn’t have any issues with voting or tabulation problems on election day. She said every vote was accounted for, but with the race so close, she understands the desire for a recount.

Election totals first found Hall lost to Hodges by 30 votes. A recanvass found two more votes in the race, both for Hodges.

While some in the community say it’s time for Hall to pass the torch, others say with such a slim margin of victory, it deserves another look.

“I think that’s fair, Robert Landram, a Jeffersonville resident, said. “He should be asking. For 30 votes, it’s fine."

”30 votes is way too close to call," Natasha Parnell, who also lives in Jeffersonville, agreed. “It should be recounted, I think he deserves it.”

Anthony McCutcheon also agrees.

“I would do a recount. I mean, 30 votes is not that much. So, I would definitely do a recount,” McCutcheon, a Clarksville resident, said.

Another part of Hall’s petition alleges that a Democratic candidate for public office in Charlestown was working in the voter registration office. Popp confirmed that the person did work there but did not have any contact with absentee ballots, adding that is in compliance with state policy.

If a judge rules that the recount can proceed, a commission would then be created and the votes would be tallied, a process Popp said she expects to move forward quickly.

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