UNO reveals nonpartisan deck so no one fights about colors this holiday season

Orange and purple cards replace red and blue in ‘Nonpartisan UNO.'
Orange and purple cards replace red and blue in ‘Nonpartisan UNO.'(Mattel)
Published: Nov. 20, 2019 at 9:10 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - ‘Nonpartisan UNO’ is officially the game families can play together this holiday season to avoid the hassle of political arguments erupting.

That’s right, UNO, which is owned by toy powerhouse Mattel, has officially revamped its deck and taken out its red and blue cards so no one can say their opponent’s “draw four and change the color to red” move was a political one.

Orange and purple cards replace red and blue in the ‘Nonpartisan’ deck.

The big announcement was made on Mattel’s website with a special video.

A New York Post article reveals many people are unhappy with the change on social media, however, with one Twitter user writing, “Anyone who is triggered by a CARD GAME really needs a reality check. There’s enough that’s seriously wrong in this world that a CARD GAME should not be a source of divisive angst for anyone."

Mattel’s promotional video for the game uses data from YouGov, a British firm, for its reasoning behind the color change.

“Forty percent of people admit that opposite political views and voting patterns are problematic within their families,” Mattel reveals in the video. “While political discussions are important, sometimes it’s just as important to take a break, especially with family!"

The deck isn’t completely non-political, though. ‘Nonpartisan UNO’ comes with a veto card, which can be used on a player if they bring up politics in the game.

Buy the deck here or at Walmart.

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