Work on I-65 South expected to be done by next week’s busy holiday rush

Repairs to I-65 south from downtown continue

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Repairs to Interstate 65 South from downtown Louisville continue, and so do the delays.

Crews are racing against the calendar, trying to get it done in the next few days.

They need to finish up before Thanksgiving and all the holiday traffic that comes with it. It looks like they’re going to pull it off.

The entire month of November has brought slowdowns, backups and delays, and not just during rush hour.

Two southbound lanes and two major ramps to I-65 South all had to be closed while crews repaired damage discovered during a recent inspection.

“For motorists, it will be the normal three lanes of traffic open on I-65,” Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokeswoman Stephanie Caros said. “For us, it will go back to normal inspections; our normal way of life, if you will.”

The progress has been difficult to see, especially if you’re just driving past. That’s because all the work is being done underneath. As of Thursday, black plastic was still covering freshly-poured concrete, and crews are waiting for it to cure.

And none too soon, as Thanksgiving 2019 is expected to break records for holiday travel. Wednesday will be the worst.

“As we get into the regular afternoon commute, travelers are going to be mixing with those commuters, and we’re looking at wait times,” AAA spokeswoman Lynda Lambert said. “Commute times through major metropolitan areas are four times higher than normal.”

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