Louisville boxer announces plans to defend world title in hometown

Louisville boxer announces plans to defend world title in hometown

LOUISVILLE, KY. (WAVE) - Carlos Dixon won the WBC World Silver Super Featherweight title in Jamaica this November, and he is bringing his title defense to his hometown.

The City of Louisville will host the World Champion this upcoming January.

Carlos Dixon's career is all about bringing boxing greatness back to Louisville, that's why he also goes by RTG, or Return to Greatness.

It was fitting that he announced the defense of his title fight at the Muhammad Ali Center on Monday.

"I feel like he's probably here with me," Dixon said of Ali. "He's probably here with us, enjoying this moment."

Dixon is one step closer to becoming the greatest in his own right. He owns the silver super featherweight title, but that is limited to certain boxers. The next step would be gold.

"You can be 16, you can be 60, if you're the baddest man on the planet, you're going to have that [gold] belt," Dixon said.

Dixon has been boxing since he was 13. The fight coming up on Jan. 18 would bring him closer to the gold belt.

Dixon’s father wears many hats - one of them is as his son’s trainer. On Thanksgiving week, it's time for just a small relaxation period.

"I've got to pick my battles," James Dixon said. "I'm going to let him eat all the turkey and stuffing he wants, but he's going to have to deal with me next week."

Dixon said the home field advantage is the key to winning his next fight.

"I need the community to come out," he said. "I need your guys' support. If you guys aren't there we can't bring high level boxing back. The City has a world champion right now."

That fight in January at Louisville Memorial Auditorium will have just under 2,000 tickets available and is likely to sell out. For ticket information, click here.

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