SnowTALK! Weather Blog: Wednesday Update

Snowtalk! Blog

The wind was, and continues to be the headline. Highest gust (so far) has been in Louisville at the airport of 53 mph. We can still match/beat that through lunch. The wind is going to take some time to ease down this afternoon but the more impacting gusts will move away.

We do get a break in the action for Thanksgiving and likely even for Black Friday.

Another strong system moves in over the weekend with MORE wind and a risk for t-storms in the evening. The t-storm portion of the forecast can’t be locked in just yet due to timing issues. We’ll monitor it.

This system will have the chance to drive the cold air more into our area than the current system. Having said that, it will be modified Arctic air so temperatures drop just to the point of changing any rain to snow which also means getting it to stick will be tough as well. This still appears to be a minor system but given that we will see temperatures near that critical mark for Monday morning, we’ll need to watch it.

Another cold punch moves in Tuesday but in a dry fashion.

The pattern will then relax some for a good 7 days or so.

Enjoy it, the Arctic air looks to be on the move later in December.


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