Black Friday Shoppers get out early in WAVE Country

Lots of Clarksville residents kick off Black Friday at Bass Pro Shops

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WAVE) - If it seems Black Friday shopping has lost momentum in some places, that's not the case everywhere.

The doors at Bass Pro Shops in Clarksville opened at 5 a.m. Friday and the first person in line was there at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving night.

For some, the hustle and bustle has become more than just a shopping experience.

Odds are Hank Williams Jr. probably wasn’t singing about Black Friday, but the retail-based holiday has become quite the family tradition.

"I find a few bargains, but I just enjoy hanging out with my family," said Mary Bye.

Bye and her family were hard to miss. In matching T-shirts, they called themselves the Black Friday Squad.

This year, they were celebrating a new member; Emily Abston married into the family, and now it's a Black Friday baptism by fire.

“When we were talking about where we’re going to do Thanksgiving, he was like we’ve got to go to my family and circle the ads,” said Abston. “And I was like, ‘circle the ads’? And he said, ‘yeah, you initial by the stuff you want and mom will go and look for it,’ and it was really fun.”

Abston’s new mother-in-law is enjoying her time with the new member of the Black Friday Squad.

“We’ve loved her for a long time,” said Brenda Abston. “But we’re happy to officially have her in the family and to have her go shopping with us now.”

This squad and several others battled large crowds all morning long. The lines to get into Bass Pro Shops in Clarksville got so long, there were actually lines to get into line.

“It’s just a fun atmosphere,” said Trena Broughton. “Some of us were talking before, there’s not really any certain deals that we necessarily had to get. We just wanted to come spend time together.”

Online shopping offers a lot, but it’s not the same, some shoppers said.

“I probably could have gotten all the same things on Cyber Monday or something,” said Kassidy Bye. “But just spending time together, I haven’t done an all night Black Friday Shopping Before, so it was fun to spend time together.”

The must-get items this year at Bass Pro Shops was apparel. You could have found $10 jeans, hoodies and pajamas. There was also an abnormally long line at the gun counter.

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