Man murdered outside Louisville business near Thanksgiving just like his sister years earlier

Man murdered outside Louisville business near Thanksgiving just like his sister years earlier

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - LMPD is trying to solve two murders in the same family right around Thanksgiving and outside Louisville businesses.

First, a college student was gunned down a few years ago, now her younger brother is shot and killed a few days after Thanksgiving outside another Louisville business.

The most recent happened in front of a restaurant Sunday in the 1600 block of Dixie Highway. Family friends tell us the victim is Curt Williamson, the brother of Cheryl Williamson, the Western Kentucky University student killed outside the Gillespie in downtown Louisville in 2012.


Restaurant owner Adrian Alston told us, “We was all here, Curt was here and Curt got his hair braided here.”

A late night of playing poker and other games for Curt Williamson, as family and friends finished last minute touches on Alston’s and Williamson’s son’s restaurant. They were getting A’s Family Kitchen on Dixie Highway ready to open its doors Sunday December 1.

Instead, as Curt waited outside for a ride home around 3:00 a.m. with a friend, he was hit with rounds of gunfire from a high powered weapon according to Alston.

“They got ambushed outside in the car,” Alston remembered, “they come running in, Curt collapsed on the ground.”

He continued, “We were thinking he was having a seizure, we tried to help him in any way we can and I tell everyone call 911, then we turned him over and that’s when we saw blood coming out his back.”

It was a surreal moment in time Alston said.

“We’re trying to help him, telling him to stay breathing and please, talk to us,” Alston said.

It was matched only by another tragedy in the same family. Community activist Christopher 2X tells WAVE 3 News Curt Williamson is the younger brother of Cheryl Williamson, the WKU student who was shot and killed outside the Gillespie in downtown Louisville the weekend after Thanksgiving in 2012. Her case hasn’t been solved.

As for Curt Williamson, like his sister’s case, it doesn’t make much sense to those who knew him.

“What I knew of him, he’s a real respected guy, he was very humble, no aggravation, not hostile,” Alston said, “this guy was a good guy.”

Alston says LMPD detectives are checking surveillance from the store next door. An LMPD spokeswoman would only say they are in the process of gathering all evidence.

“Our prayers go out to the family,” Alston said.

The restaurant owner is delaying the opening a few weeks out of respect for the family. The mother of the two siblings passed away from health complications a few years ago. Friends say her heart would not be able to take the loss of a another child.

Anyone with information is asked to call LMPD’s anonymous tip line at 574-LMPD (5673).

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