SnowTALK! Weather Blog: Monday Edition

SnowTALK! Weather Blog Update

Messy past few days with the 2-4″ of rain, wind and now the snow showers and snow squalls.

The snow part hasn’t been a factor due to the scattered nature of them and the warm ground temps. It is more of a visibility issue than slick roads concern.

Having said that, I still moisture around through sunrise that could still squeeze out these flurries and snow showers. A few slick spots may develop when we get a bit colder tonight. Widespread issues are not expected.

The pattern will then favor dry weather despite another cold front Tuesday/Wednesday.

That front will actually help drive the Friday system way south and may be far enough to avoid any impacts locally. But if you live south of Louisville, you are not out of the woods yet.

Otherwise, it will be the next wave that has a strong signal with it and a familiar setup.

Clouds increase. Few showers. Rising temperatures at night. Becoming windy. Round of moderate/heavy rain. More wind. Turning sharply colder. Rain may end as snow showers.

This will basically be the theme Sunday PM-Monday PM. Plenty of time to work out the specifics on this one.

The SNOW BOARD will carry this system as rain ending as brief snow. Another system will likely follow suite about a week after that.

It will be the 2nd half of December into early January that a more wintry look to our weather pattern looks to develop.

The video today will cover this in a bit more detail.


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