Juvenile hit by car in Sellersburg dies at hospital

Juvenile hit by car in Sellersburg dies at hospital

SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WAVE) - Sellersburg Police Chief Russ Whelan confirmed a juvenile hit by a vehicle on Tuesday afternoon died at the hospital.

According to Metrosafe, calls were made to Clark County dispatch around 4:05 p.m. on a report of a pedestrian struck near the 600 block of South Indiana Avenue. When crews arrived on the scene, they found that a pedestrian had been struck at that location.

The police chief said at the scene that a group of kids was playing near a Circle K convenience. The boy tried to cross the street, but once he made it to the southbound lane of South Indiana, he was hit almost immediately.

Whelan said traffic stopped and several people performed CPR on the boy, but no one on the scene could get a pulse.

“At the time he left the scene, he did not have a heartbeat," the chief said. “I did just get word that he now has a heartbeat and was transported to Norton’s, so that’s probably the best news I’ve gotten all day."

The child was initially transported to Clark Memorial Hospital and later relocated to Norton Children’s Hospital. LMPD units in downtown Louisville assisted with transporting the victim.

For hours, the community held out hope the boy would survive.

“I’ve talked to four or five people coming into the game, and that’s the first thing they want to ask about, is what’s going on with that,” said Silver Creek High School Principal Al Eckert Tuesday night. “Sellersburg is a very close-knit community and the students are pretty much together from kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade so they get very close to each other."

Police said that the driver stayed at the scene after the accident, and as of now, he is not being charged.

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