Father of child hit, killed by car in Sellersburg discusses family’s loss

Father of child hit, killed describes his family's loss

SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WAVE) - The child who died after being hit by a vehicle late Tuesday afternoon has been identified by his family.

Bryce Jacobs, 12, was hit while trying to cross the street South Indiana Avenue. People working across the street heard the impact and rushed over to help. Several people performed CPR on Bryce.

He was initially rushed to Clark Memorial Hospital and later taken to Norton Children’s hospital where he died.


Bryce’s father, Danny says his son was hanging out with his friends when he was hit.

Danny is a paramedic and says he never imagined he would be on the other side of tragedy.

“I told somebody last night that, ya know,” Danny Jacobs said. “I devoted my life the last 30 years to public safety and I’ve never been on that side of the coin and that side is atrocious and horrible and scary and I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody and even 30 years didn’t prepare you for something like that.”

Danny says his family is coping with the horrible loss, adding that it all hasn’t set in yet, taking things minute by minute.

Even through their loss, Danny and his family wants everyone to know just how special his son was.

Danny says Bryce was kind, caring, energetic and always wanted to help people.

“He [Bryce] didn’t want to let anyone down,” Danny Jacobs said. “He always wanted to put smiles on faces and that was just Bryce and whatever he could do that is what he would do.”

Bryce leaves behind a twin brother Alec, and a sister, Danika.

The family says they hope their loss will benefit another family through Bryce’s tissue donation.

Funeral arrangements are still pending. There is a GoFundMe set up to help with expenses.

The driver who hit Bryce did stop and stayed at the scene. They’re not facing any charges.

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