Michigan boy brings kindergarten classmates to adoption ceremony

KENT COUNTY, Mich. (WXMI/CNN) - Thursday was adoption day for a Michigan boy, but it was not just him and his new family celebrating. The child had his entire class cheering them on.

There is no doubt that 5-year-old Michael Orlando Clark Jr. will never forget this day. He was dressed to the nines and so excited he could hardly sit still as his adoption was just moments from being finalized.

Michael wanted everyone to see it, so he invited his entire kindergarten class who waved hearts and cheered him on during the ceremony.

After fostering for about a year, his parents Andrea Melvin and David Eaton knew they had found the right fit for their family.

“He brings us a lot of joy. He's just so full of energy and so full of love. It's just been great for everybody,” said Melvin.

There was no shortage of love all around them in the courtroom.

"It is a great tribute to Michael that he had so many of his classmates here and so many said he was their best friend too,” Michigan Supreme Court Justice Stephen Markman said.

“Never have I experienced that before, and it was loads of fun. The kids were into it and supporting their best friend, and the family of Michael,” said Judge Patricia Gardner.

Michael already has everything he wants this holiday season:

“Giving a kid a permanent home, a forever family, is just the best gift you can give anybody,” said Melvin.

“We've been really fortunate and just hopefully other families get to enjoy similar moments,” said Eaton.

Thirty-six kids were also adopted Thursday as part of the 23rd annual adoption day in Kent County.

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