Bullet shoots through Old Louisville building filled with children

Neighbors nervous after woman killed in Old Louisville shooting

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A young woman died after being shot in Old Louisville Friday night. It happened near 1st Street and Caldwell Street Friday night. A father in the area said one of the bullets from the shooting landed on stairs in his hallway.

Neighbors told WAVE 3 News they heard arguments and a fight at the end of a building. Then moments later, a bullet shot through a glass door of a separate apartment building in the area. A father that lives in the building that was hit said based on where the bullet ended, he is thankful that none of his children were injured.

It’s usually filled with children running around. TK Abreha said that will never happened again after Friday night’s shooting.

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Abreha just moved into the building with his wife, newborn and young child three months ago.

“This is where they play every day, in and out, upstairs, downstairs,” Abreha said.

Around 7 p.m. Friday, police said a woman in her late teens or twenties was shot and killed after an altercation near 1st and Caldwell Street, across the street from Abreha’s home. He doesn’t know the woman, but said his family almost became a victim too.

“I’m still thinking about it. That could have been my daughter dead getting shot, and I would have never seen her again,” Abreha said.

He can’t stop looking through the shattered door his sister-in-law almost walked through at the time of the shooting. Or the hallway the bullet flew through, where families in the building walk back and forth. And the bullet mark on his children’s favorite play area.

“As the head of my family I need to move I need to do something in case that happens again,” Abreha said.

Abreha takes the glass on his floor as a sign and said they’re ready to move from a place they were excited to call their new home.

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