Marnel C. Moorman School opens in Shelby County

Marnel C. Moorman School opens in Shelby County

SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - After months of construction delays, a new school is finally open in Shelby County.

Back in September, the district pushed back the start date, waiting for the Marnel C. Moorman School to be ready.

It's still under construction, but now it's able take on students. Up until Monday, students had been split up into different schools.

Gene Casey has four kids who had been going to two different schools at three different times. His second grader was at Clear Creek. He had two more in third and fourth grade at South Side Elementary. An hour after he dropped them off, he had to drop off his sixth grader at South Side as well.

Things were a little different for him on Monday. Now he has one stop.

“This morning was great,” Casey said. “It was just smooth as glass.”

Casey and other parents got the chance to check out the school on Sunday night with their children.

“It’s phenomenal,” Casey said. “I’ve never seen anything like it. My kids were bouncing off the walls pretty much. They checked out almost every room all the way from the library, all the way to their classrooms, even the bathrooms.”

Assistant Principal Toni Moore said allowing parents that opportunity made things easier.

“Having [Sunday] night for parents to come and walk through, that eased so much of the tension for the parents and the families,” Moore said. “This morning, when Ms. Jones started the announcements, families walked on out, students were ready to start, ready to get going.”

Seventh and eighth graders aren’t in the school just yet. That wing of the school isn’t finished. It has to be approved via an inspection, which is scheduled on Wednesday.

Administrators hope to have those students in the building by next Monday.

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