Crash survivor credits Christmas song, sister with saving her voice

Woman once left without a voice after a crash, now sings with help of sister

HENRY COUNTY, Ky. (WAVE) - This Christmas, a Henry County woman will be singing carols at her home for the first time since a crash left her paralyzed, and initially unable to speak.

One song, in particular, has a special place in her heart, the one written by her sister, which she credits with giving her the ability to talk again.

Pictures show just how brutal getting hit by a truck was for Becky Rains in 2017.

Becky Rains after the crash that took the life of her husband.
Becky Rains after the crash that took the life of her husband. (Source: Family photo)

"My husband was killed instantly, but it wasn't my time to go," Rains said.

Left without her husband right before the holidays, Rains was paralyzed.

"I could not even swallow or anything," Rains said. "So, my sister had wrote a song." ​

She couldn't talk. So, her sister, Sherry Garland, tried to give her hope through music. ​

Becky Rains (right) and her husband (left) who was killed in a 2017 crash.
Becky Rains (right) and her husband (left) who was killed in a 2017 crash. (Source: Family photo)

“I was trying to sing for her when she was pretty bad off, trying to just make her feel a little better through her pain,” Garland said. “I said ‘Becky, if you could try to sing this song with me, it could strengthen your voice.’”​

So, Rains gave it a shot. She tried to sing the song they called 'Once upon a star', which Garland had written days before the crash.

“Of course, we all started to cry because she could barely make the sound,” Garland said.

Month-after-month, things changed. ​Rains, over the course of years, built up the ability and the courage to sing.

"Letting people hear me singing, that in itself encourages them, and it does for me myself and my sister," Rains said.

The two said they both now go to nursing homes to sing to others, who do not have families.

Rains said she's thankful this Christmas will be the first since the crash that she's home with family, instead of in a hospital. ​

"We're more like twins than regular siblings," Rains said. "We were before that, but I wouldn't be alive, now, if it wasn't for her."​

Garland said singing with her sister is an amazing gift.

"I'm grateful to have her, that the Lord let her be here and its been wonderful," Garland said. "It makes my Christmas really special."

WAVE 3 News did a story with Rains over the summer. At that point, she still couldn’t sit up, but now, she can sit up and she said she knows one day she will walk again.

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