Trucker rewarded for 3 million miles of accident-free driving

Trucker rewarded for 3 million miles of accident-free driving

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A WAVE Country truck driver has been recognized for driving three million miles with no accidents.

L.A. Hall has been on the road with USF Holland for 27 years. According to Rebecca Fileppi, Holland's office manager, this is a rare achievement. In her 26 years in the truck driving business, Fileppi she has only seen this accomplishment happen seven times. Hall hasn’t even had a fender bender is his years of driving experience.

Fileppi said truck drivers get a bad reputation, simply because there are so many of them on the road. However, Hall proves negative stigmas wrong.

Following in his father's footsteps, Hall started driving in 1976. He says their are new obstacles every time he gets on the road - construction, lane changes and avoiding dangerous drivers.

"Everyone has to have a lot of luck to get along with it out here,” said Hall. “It’s just getting more difficult as years go by newer drivers, people on cell phones you see it every day. Numerous times a day."

"Definitely the older I get I make sure I hug him before her leaves now I tell him I love him before he leaves now,” said Alena Hall, his daughter. “I did it before, but I really do it now because I know accidents can happen and we've got to love our loved ones every day."

Hall carries anything from loads of paper to auto parts. During his award ceremony he received a ring, jacket and plaque for his more than two decades of success on the road.

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