Presents found on side of road, family looking for rightful owner

Presents found on side of road, family looking for rightful owner

BUCKNER, Ky. (WAVE) - While many people are finishing up the final touches of wrapping gifts for Christmas, one family is hoping to reunite someone with some gifts that were left on the side of the road.

Dan Foley said he was driving through a neighborhood in Buckner late last week and noticed something odd near the street.

“I got to the intersection and saw these things laying the road and I stopped and looked and realized they were packages,” Foley said. “The bag was laying on the side. One of them was still [in the bag], the other two were scattered out in front.”

Foley said there were three packages, and it looked like they had fallen off someone’s car.

“I picked them up and waited around for a few minutes,” Foley said. “I figured someone would come around looking and no one came back.”

The three presents were wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper, with gift tags, but no addresses or last names.

Each gift was addressed to a different person, one of which was addressed to a “Sister.” Foley believes it could be someone in the Catholic church.

“Well we put them on Next Door, Facebook,” Foley said. “And we called people that we know that live that way and my wife called the church and left a message for the preacher out there at the catholic church thinking it might be one of his nuns. But all we have done has been dead ends.

He’s hopeful that someone will recognize the gifts and put them in the right hands in time for Christmas.

“It’s the proper thing to do,” Foley said. “I mean it’s someone’s presents, and somebody’s paid good money for them and obviously somebody wants them or needs them.”

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