Louisville woman needs help finding her emotional support dog

Louisville woman searching for missing service dog

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A Louisville woman needs your help finding her trained emotional support dog, Nala.

It’s been almost three weeks since she got out of her backyard on December 11 in the Churchill Downs area.

The most recent spotting was Saturday at 4 p.m. around 5th and Heywood, a couple of blocks over from where she went missing on Dresden Avenue.

There's been a few good leads like this, but she's still out there, and it's critical she gets back home.

“We’ve done all night searches, all day searches, plastered posters in the surrounding areas,” Cadie Kiger said. “It just would mean everything to me to find her.”

Kiger and Nala have been inseparable since she was a puppy.

“I have severe anxiety and depression and she’s trained to comfort me during panic attacks and then when I’m really down, she’s there and without her I’m just dysfunctional,” Kiger said.

Despite the sleepless nights and panic attacks without her support, Kiger says there’s hope with leads coming in.

“It’s incredibly exhausting,” Kiger said. “I feel useless when I’m at work and not able to come out but I guess that’s why it’s lucky we have these are all these people on this team.”

Local animal rescuers have dropped everything to help Kiger out.

“I feel strongly that someone took her in and she’s in this area and they just don’t know how important she is to Cadie,” rescuer Rita Smith said. “They may perhaps think she was a stray dog in need of a home but she has a home, she has an owner who needs her and we need to get her back.”

The team combs every nearby neighborhood for sightings. They follow up on all leads they get.

Smith said they staked out local gas stations to track down a man known in the area to be carrying around a small dog. Eventually, they were able to track the man down, but it was his own dog, not Nala.

No matter how many times the leads turn out to be nothing, they won’t stop looking and neither will Kiger.

Nala was last seen wearing a blue, green, and white, patterned collar, but Kiger describes her as a “Houdini” who can slip out of it easily. She is a blonde terrier mix. One of her ears sticks up while the other folds over and her tail curls over her back.

Nala is incredibly smart, but will run away if you try and catch her. She can be a bit scared, especially of men. She is more likely to approach a woman or child.

Do not try and approach Nala, just call Cadie Kiger at (502) 996-2882.

Sunday at 3 p.m. a search party is gathering in front of the main parking lot at Churchill Downs, if you want to join in.

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