Body-cam video of controversial traffic stop shows officer was physically attacked first

Police video of what really happened during a controversial traffic stop from one year ago proves what the officer had said all along.
Published: Jan. 2, 2020 at 6:39 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - For the first time, the public is now seeing the police video of what happened during a controversial traffic stop, proving part of what the officer had said all along.

It’s in relation to a traffic stop from December 2018, in front of the Kroger store on West Broadway. WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters investigated the incident for a year, asking for the related police videos to be released.

The videos were released Thursday. WAVE 3 News had the exclusive video.

Cellphone videos taken and posted on social media at the time showed Officer Corey Evans on top of Jarrus Ransom. Evans is seen punching the suspect four times in the back while trying to get his arm out from underneath him.

The suspect is suing the city, claiming he was the one attacked.

But the videos WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters just obtained showed that Ransom may not have been telling the whole truth.

The dash-cam video showed the officers pulling Ransom over in the Kroger parking lot. Ransom stood outside of his vehicle while officers searched him and his car.

(Story continues below the video)

Video has now surfaced that contradicts a man's claim that he did not instigate a physical altercation with LMPD officers following a 2019 traffic stop.

Ransom was on his phone and walking around. Then, he was seen turning toward Evans, running toward him and slamming directly into him.

Two other officers then jumped in to help, and the group fell to the ground. That’s where the cellphone video picked up, with the officer punching Ransom in the back to get his hand out from underneath him.

But the part where Ransom rammed into the officer is something that Ransom denied when WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters asked him during a news conference just days after the incident.

Ransom’s attorney said a few days ago that Ransom told her that never happened either. Still, she contends, her client was beaten.

The police videos weren’t released by LMPD until Thursday. At this point, WAVE 3 News had requested to see them several times. LMPD had previously said it would not release the video because the investigation was still open. WAVE 3 News confirmed that the investigation had been closed Dec. 10, two weeks before asking again for the video.

Just a few days ago, WAVE 3 News confirmed the story through numerous sources that Evans had been exonerated.

LMPD has not yet commented on the video, the case or why the video wasn’t previously released by the department.

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