SnowTALK! Weather Blog: Thursday Edition

SnowTALK! Thursday

The blog is back!

And I wish I had more snow to talk about but that isn’t the case with this update. The warmer pattern is still “winning” for the eastern half of the country. You can still get snow but usually in backlash situations and quick-hitting upper lows. And that is exactly how our small snow chances ahead look to develop.


Saturday: Cold air aloft will help promote scattered snow showers and may mix with sleet or even raindrops at times. The air will be fairly cold aloft so it will just be a question of the warm layer at the ground in terms of which type you see. That warm layer does look to keep us above freezing which also means this will be a minor event. The cold wind chills will be the bigger story.

Next Tuesday Night/Wednesday: Cold upper low dives in after a warm surge/rain. This cold setup is a bit more potent and will then need to be watched for the track when it comes to the amount of moisture left in the colder air side of things. Just too early to know but the early snapshot doesn’t look impressive right now.

Mid/Late January: It will take some time to get our pattern to involve more Arctic air intrusions. Until then, we will get some Canadian cold air which will again but cold enough for some light snow events.

I will keep looking for a “flip" to the pattern. Stay tuned!!


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