Report: Louisville gets perfect score for LGBTQ support

Report: Louisville gets perfect score for LGBTQ support

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Kameo Costello is part of the Youth Leadership Council at the Louisville Youth Group. At 20 years old, she knows what it’s like to grow up transgender, and she’s helping young kids in Louisville discover who they really are, too.

“It’s wonderful," Costello said. "I love it, just being able to be a figurehead for the youth and being that voice for the youth.”

In 2019, for the 5th straight year, Louisville scored a “100” on the Municipal Equality Index, a report card created by the Human Rights Campaign. It grades cities around the country on how well they support the LGBTQ community.

The high score is no shock to Chris Hartman, the director of the Fairness Campaign, which is an LGBTQ advocacy group.

Hartman told WAVE 3 News the passing grade goes a long way toward growth.

“If I’m a corporate executive who is considering where we’re going to move our headquarters, they want to go someplace where they’re going to be able to attract all workers who are going to feel safe, comfortable and celebrated in the community," Hartman said. "And Louisville has set itself up as the perfect place for that.”

There is still some room for improvement; Louisville scored a zero in a few bonus categories, like "Providing Services to LGBTQ Youth.” The Louisville Youth Group is just one of the few working with young LGBTQ kids. Costello said Louisville needs more groups throughout the city.

“[It’s] just like, ‘Hey we rented out a space. We have a bunch of funding. Kids can come here and be who they are and we have a bunch of activities for them,’" Costello said. "You can set up shops like that all over the place.”

To see the full Municipal Equality Index report, click here.

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