SnowTALK! Weather Blog: Monday Edition

SnowTALK! Monday Edition

One small system to track before the sun comes up Tuesday, then the focus shifts to heavy rain/flooding for late week/end. Another snow setup to watch toward the end of the weekend but we look to miss out on most of that one.

So once again, it is more about the warm/wet pattern than it is about cold/snowy. Still no signs of a flip taking place. As soon as confidence rising on that chance, I’ll let ya know!


It will actually develop right over KY tonight/early Tuesday. This means placement/timing will vary a bit but in general, this looks to develop between 3-6am. Placement is still favoring central/southern KY. It may be a mix of rain/snow to start with rates key on the snow part. Since it will be moving so far, even a burst of moderate snow will have its limits on impact with it moving away quickly. Having said that, this one is about timing and a few slick spots could occur in isolated locations near/south of the Parkways during this time. This is one of those if you sleep in, you will miss it. Sunshine will take place a few hours after it.


Rain becomes the headline. Waves of rainfall kick in with several inches possible. Rates/placement key on impacts on river flooding. That aside, during the rainfall, impacts on the roads can be expected.


Snow may graze southern IN as this rain event wraps up. It looks brief for now but something to watch for those of you north of Louisville.

The video will cover this all in more detail.

Hang in there BOTS’ fans!!

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