TARC announces new Rapid Line plan aimed at improving efficiency

TARC announces new Rapid Line plan aimed at improving efficiency

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - TARC on Monday announced a new plan to get riders from the suburbs into downtown Louisville more quickly.

Its new Rapid Line will run every 15 minutes every weekday from the Gene Snyder into downtown.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer was among those who spoke at Monday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony. He said the move was entirely data driven and is part of a larger proposal to install new lines across the city.

“The people in Louisville deserve to have great quality public transportation options, to get to school, to work, to doctor, shopping, anywhere it is they want to go," Fischer said. "And so, that’s what we’re here to provide.”

According to Metro Councilman Rick Blackwell, the project originated from a $50,000 Neighborhood Development Fund grant. He told WAVE 3 News those local funds paired with state and federal funding for the approximately $35 million project.

“We’ve been in the construction phase now for two years, 2017 until 2019, but in the design phase since 2010," Blackwell said. "So getting the money together first of all and then the designs all put together, it’s a long time coming.”

Eventually, TARC plans to make 37 stops along the busy Dixie Highway corridor. Also, nine of the buses will sync up with traffic signals to maximize efficiency.

TARC riders like David Krime told WAVE 3 News he can’t wait to see the efficiency increase.

“The time span during the TARC buses, I think it should be a little bit closer, instead of waiting 30 minutes, 45 minutes, an hour for a bus," Krime said.

According to TARC officials, the new Rapid Line will not come with a rate increase for riders.

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