Lawn equipment worth thousands of dollars stolen from both a business and a non-profit

Lawn equipment worth thousands of dollars stolen from both a business and a non-profit

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – Thousands of dollars in thefts of mowers and trailers have been reported from two separate locations in WAVE Country.

The most recent case caught the crooks on camera at a Crestwood business early Tuesday morning. Sophisticated surveillance shows three thieves at work loading big equipment onto a trailer before taking off in a black truck.

"Our guy who sets up delivery came around to get the trailer to load it in the morning and it was gone," Andersons' Sales and Service Inc. Sales Manager Brant Morris explained to WAVE 3 News.

Morris said it happened after 4:30 a.m.

Thieves stole the business’ trailer from the back area of the building along with two commercial-grade mowers that go for about $8000 dollars each.

Morris said he and his employees watched it play out on security cameras and that the culprits were there for about an hour and a half. The video shows the men also trying to steal a company truck hooked up to the trailer.

"They thought they might be able to get into our truck and steal it, " he explained. "They flipped the door handle and it's locked."

A man acted as a lookout, spotlighting to warn the other two of anyone passing the business on KY 146. Then, the men moved up the heavy mowers onto the trailer before unhooking the trailer, attaching it to their truck and taking off with it.

“It was pretty shocking, that was very bold," he said.

Morris said the camera captured one thief’s face.

"One of the guys, we can see his face and there's no cover at all."

Cameras also caught one of the jackets a man was wearing that reads ‘Leader of the pack.’

He shared the video to the Andersons' Sales and Service Inc. Facebook page along with the description of the mid-to-late 90's black Chevy truck with an extended cab and 4x4 painted on it.

Last month on Dec. 12, a black truck was also hooked up to a trailer as thieves stole from Dismas Charities in Louisville, but law enforcement in both locations says it’s too early to know if the crimes are related.

"He informed me, ‘The equipment is gone,’" Robert Lanning said about $20,000 worth of mowers, weed eaters and other equipment taken from a Dismas Charities garage.

Their security camera only captured a black truck taking off after hooking it up to a trailer owned by the charity.

"All the equipment was on the trailer, everything we had," he said. "All they had to do was back up after they broke in and hook it up and take off, and that's what they did."

Lanning said the stolen equipment was used to help maintain three abandoned Louisville cemeteries: Greenwood, Schardein, and Eastern. He also said Evergreen Cemetery is offering a trailer to help out Dismas Charities with their upkeep.

LMPD is investigating their case while Oldham County police confirmed it just got the information on the Crestwood case.

Anyone with information on either theft should call police immediately.

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