StormTALK! Weather Blog: Friday Edition

StormTALK! Weather Blog

Busy setup ahead over the next 24-36 hours.

So let’s dive in...


Main hazard will be the wind. Gusts of 30-40 mph will be possible at times. The steady rain over Indiana will start to break up and lift north by the afternoon. There will be additional lightly/quick-moving showers that will develop for all areas this afternoon, but very spotty in nature. Record high is 66° and we stand a good chance at breaking that at this point.


Windy and warm night. Temperatures will drop very little. Additional spotty showers will be possible at any point, but most areas are looking to stay dry.


Squall-line approaches in a form of either very heavy rain or a band of thunderstorms. Either way, the wind gusts (which will already be strong in general in the morning) could get enhanced as it passes through. Gusts over 55 mph would then be possible with some wind damage not out of the question as well as a few power outages. There will be a small tornado risk with this band but it is way too early to discuss the zones for that. We will have to track that in the morning for any threat. Timing of its arrival is varying but in general, 8am-12pm looks good for now. We may have to slow it down in time on the southern side of it if anything. Temperatures again could break a record which currently stands at 69°.


A second front moves in with one more round of downpours. This is the front that will bring the colder air. So I would not expect a big temperature drop until after say 8 or 9pm.

Rainfall totals will be the highest over IN where over 1″ has already fallen. You guys could end up in the 2-4″ range. For the rest of us, 1 to maybe 2″ would be possible, and most of that will be with the main rain band on Saturday.

Stay close for updates!!

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