SnowTALK! Weather Blog: Monday Edition

SnowTALK! Monday Edition

Hang in there winter fans, a pattern toward colder is coming. Which is of course step one to get snow back into the picture.

Until then, it is more mild air surges and rain to monitor.

We have basically 3 systems that will impact our area this week into the weekend.

BY SUNRISE TUESDAY: the first one just skirts by Kentucky. Rain showers may push into the Metro but most of action looks south. The risk for these showers will only last for a few hours then the system will be to our east.

TUESDAY NIGHT/WEDNESDAY: This period will be more about fog potential than rain. Lots of low-level at play during this time with light winds. Signals are pointing to either a very low cloud deck or fog/mist. We’ll watch this for travel issues as near 0 visibility would be at play.

WEDNESDAY PM: System #2 arrives in a similar fashion to the first. Just grazing Kentucky with some showers. Best chances south. It’ll be mild during this period as well with temperatures in the 60s.

We will turn colder at night by Thursday night/early Friday and that part will need to be watched for system # 3.

FRIDAY PM: Moisture will increase as #3 moves in. Models are showing very dry air in place as it arrives which would cool the air down to perhaps allow for a wintry mix before warming to rain. Right now, this looks to me like the dry air may limit anything from falling and we get delayed right into the rain status. Minor issue but we’ll watch it.

The system wraps up with a period of heavier rain into early Saturday before it zips to the east. Rainfall amounts are decent but the speed of the system looks to limit excessive amounts. It will be a windy system (again). So we’ll need to watch that.

After #3, a colder pattern develops which will actually just take us down to our average highs in January to start. Whether or not we get colder than that or get some snow...will take more time to figure out.


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