Restaurant owner says boutique hotel would be ‘wonderful’ in the Highlands

Restaurant owner says boutique hotel would be ‘wonderful’ in the Highlands

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – All it takes is one drive down Bardstown Road to see a variety of shops, restaurants and bars.

One thing people don’t see is a hotel.

Louisville developer Dustin Hensley is trying to change that.

“Bardstown Road doesn’t have anything like it," Hensley said. "It’s going to be a nice, new element for the corridor.”

Hensley filed plans with Metro Government for a 40-room hotel at 1125 Bardstown Road near Grinstead Drive between Akikos and Nowhere Bar. Renderings show a contemporary boutique hotel that would stand out among the other local businesses on Bardstown Road. Hensley told WAVE 3 News the plans call for a five-story complex, with the lower level reserved strictly for parking. He said the complex also would have an outdoor patio.

Hensley called the renderings “very contemporary, (with) very nice finishes (and) high-quality service.”

Speaking of service, the new hotel would bring more customers to local restaurants in the area like Ditto’s Grill.

The restaurant’s owner, Frank Yang, told WAVE 3 News a hotel, if done right, is just what the Highlands needs.

“It’s wonderful," Yang said. "It’s a place where people go and socialize, and it’s becoming a place where people entertain. And it’s a perfect spot for a hotel.”

This isn’t the first time a hotel has been discussed near that location. In 2015, there were talks to put a hotel a little farther down Bardstown Road. Nearly five years later, Hensley told WAVE 3 News he’s the one who can get the project off the paper.

"You see an opportunity for an improvement, and we’re capitalizing on that opportunity and doing something big,” Hensley said.

Hensley told WAVE 3 News it could take nearly two months for Metro Council to approve his architectural plans. Once approved, he said he can start construction on the project, which is expected to take up to a year and a half to complete.

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