U.S. Virgin Islands sues Jeffrey Epstein’s estate

(CNN) - Jeffrey Epstein allegedly transported underage girls to his homes in the U.S. Virgin Islands and forced them into sex work, according to a lawsuit filed by the Attorney General of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Epstein died from an apparent suicide last year while awaiting charges for reportedly running a child sex trafficking ring, but the U.S. Virgin Islands government sued his estate Wednesday morning claiming he forced girls as young as 12 to have sex at his luxurious residences.

The lawsuit claims the victims were practically held in sexual servitude there and at least two of them were recaptured by Epstein after they tried to escape.

The civil lawsuit says Epstein used the secluded homes to keep the illegal activities under wraps.

The charges in the lawsuit, which also targets companies controlled by Epstein, include rape, human trafficking and child abuse.

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