SnowTALK! Weather Blog: Friday Edition


The next winter storm for the Midwest is now spreading clouds over WAVE Country this late morning. The air is really dry at the moment and it will take another good 12 hours to get enough moisture in the air for precipitation. As that takes place, the wind direction will shift to the south overnight. That last part is key as that will then push temperatures upward enough to where when the precipitation has as chance to make it, it would be in the form of rain. Of course, many times when we face this setup there is a “buffer zone” of time in which some wintry weather can fall, mainly sleet or light snow. That chance will remain in the forecast for areas mainly north of Louisville this evening. Otherwise, it will all be about the rain and wind as we move into Saturday morning and afternoon.

Wind advisories will likely get issued this afternoon for many areas of the Ohio River Valley as the south wind direction portion especially, could accomplish gusts over 45 mph at times.

The wind will ease slowly into Saturday night but with it coming from the west/northwest, it will lead to much colder wind chills.

The cold air will likely keep us below freezing for at least 48 hours solid.

The video will cover all of this in more detail...


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