Is Blue Monday, the ‘most miserable day of the year’, real?

Is Blue Monday, the ‘most miserable day of the year’, real?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - How are you feeling today? Well if you didn’t know, the third Monday in January is supposed to be your most miserable day of the year.

Several years ago, Blue Monday was presented as a formula of sorts that deemed the third Monday in January as the most depressing day of the year.

Critics first wondered if the idea was just a way to sell trips to warm locations since it first came by press release by the holiday company Sky Travel in 2005, but some doctors believe there is something to the timing and depression. Has the cold weather got you down?

“It’s harder to be outside and I like to be outside and go for walks,” Tyler Hutchins said of January’s cold weather.

What about winter’s short and dreary days?

Hutchins’ wife Abbie told us, “Sadly, it’s not December anymore and it’s mid-January, and it’s only going to be cold and snowy for the next four or so months.”

Tyler added of the dark days, “I love the sun and it really sucks when you don’t get to see it for a long time.”

Jokes aside, the Philadelphia couple visiting Louisville told us right before we spoke with them outdoors, they were talking about how depressing the weather is.

To add to that, sickness from flu and other bugs going around. The Christmas fun is over and you just got all the bills for the gifts. And then, maybe your diet or fitness resolutions just bit the dust. It’s the Blue Monday calculation.

“It makes sense, January tends to be pretty rough,” Dr. Christina Breit said.

She explained, “We just came out of the holidays, we’re not as social, we’re not seeing as many people as we used to.” Norton doctors say seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is happening now and can be troubling, especially for someone who’s already dealing with depression.

That lack of sunshine or vitamin D is a real thing doctors say can affect you when it comes to mood.

“A lot of times when someone comes in and their depression is getting a little bit worse or sometimes even if it’s new,” Breit explained, “we will check the vitamin D levels because it’s not going to hurt.”

Light therapy can also help. For some people, it may be an issue of getting counseling to better handle stress. For those with serious depression, medications and therapy may be needed.

January is a high time for suicides and experts say always keep an eye on loved ones who have battled depression or showing signs for it.

As for SAD, many employers have programs to help. Norton doctors say children can also suffer with SAD. Symptoms include loss of interest in activities, poor grades, and being excessively sleepy.

Seeing a doctor is a good idea for anyone that may be suffering from depression or symptoms of SAD.

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