SnowTALK! Weather Blog: Wednesday Edition

SnowTALK! Wednesday Edition

The pattern is a mild one overall when compared to normal. Having said that, you can still get some “winter” out of this setup.

Dry and mainly cloudy through midday Thursday.

THURSDAY AFTERNOON/NIGHT: Moisture will start to increase. It will have some dry air to overcome at the start. That may actually allow the air to cool just a bit for the start of the rain showers to have some ice pellets involved. Nothing major showing up with this. This process will allow for a cold rain to increase, however, as we move into Thursday evening. A warmer flow will then start to push our temperatures back up near sunrise into the mid 40s.

FRIDAY: Messy AM commute with the steady rain around. Depending on the track of the system, we may see a break for a few hours with temperatures near 50. We will then enter the “backside” of this system where the air is colder. Again, the track is key but there is a risk for another batch of light rain that could change over to a thumping of wet/slushy snow late Friday night into early Saturday. It is too early to say more on this setup for now, but no travel issues in the cards due to the marginal temps.

SATURDAY: The cold core will still be around for a light rain/snow mix however daytime setups like this usually favor the rain side.

SUNDAY: Another system may graze the area with light rain/snow. The data is far from agreeing on this one.

NEXT WEEK: A very similar setup to the one arriving here Friday with a rain to rain/snow or wet snow situation. Timing is aiming toward next Thursday right now.


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