Louisville working families collect millions of dollars in tax refunds using free service

Louisville working families collect millions of dollars in tax refunds using free service

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Because of changes to the tax code, the 2019 tax season was a year of bad surprises.

“We had clients used to receiving a refund but then were no longer receiving a refund,” said Christopher Murphree, program manager for the Louisville Asset Building Coalition. “And not having that consistency at tax time, if you’re expecting that money to be coming in, if you’ve planned for bills, you’ve planned to use that for school and not getting that money and actually having to pay money really puts our taxpayers in a tight spot.”

The LABC has been offering free tax filing assistance to working families in Louisville since 2001.

Last year, the LABC said, about 8,600 people took advantage and took home $14 million in refunds and tax credits.

“Our clients are individuals (who) typically who make $66,000 or less,” Murphree said. “The average income for our clients is about $26,500. These are individuals who maybe work at multiple jobs throughout the year, maybe have one or two dependents on their return and really make up the bulk of our economy here in Louisville.”

The LABC has IRS-trained volunteers at nine locations around the city. A full list of places and hours can be found at the LABC website.

Clients anticipating a refund said the free services make sure they take home every possible dollar.

“I’ve been to other tax places and they’re going to charge me 50-something dollars,” Brenda Transou said. “And I say you’ve got to be kidding me. I got one little piece of paper.”

Added DeAndreanna Cochran: “In the past, I’ve always got it done but they took some money out. So it’s good that our community is offering this service that we can get what we need to know for free.”

The LABC website has a list of all forms and pieces of identification clients should bring.

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