SnowTALK! Weather Blog: Monday Edition

SnowTALK! Monday

Fairly quiet week ahead overall with a mid-week system to watch for moisture levels and temperatures. Both being at sensitive levels for a bit of wintry weather Wednesday night into Thursday. This system will be in a weakening state but still enough moisture looks to linger during its passage to watch it. While a rain/snow mix would be a minor issue, freezing drizzle would lead to a bit more of a concern. For now, the risk is low for all accounts but it is the main event this week we are watching.

After that system passes, two systems will attempt to merge near West Virginia as we move into Saturday. Just how they interact will determine if we get rain or snow out of the setup, otherwise, the merging would mean a bigger wintry event for the east coast. Just too early to know.

There is a surge of warm air showing up by Sunday that following a quick cold blast. The video will cover this issues and the others above.


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