More charges likely for Southern Indiana pilot charged with child exploitation

More charges likely for Southern Indiana pilot charged with child exploitation

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WAVE) - A New Albany pilot facing exploitation charges was in court today in Floyd County, Indiana.

47-year-old Robert Brown Jr. was arrested earlier this month at Muhammad Ali Louisville International Airport after landing from a flight on which he was a passenger.

The News and Tribune reported police had seized two flash drives from Brown’s home with thousands of explicit images on them.

Police also said one of the victims, a child between 2 and 3 years old, has been identified as local. They think more of the victims could be local too.

Tuesday's scheduled bond reduction hearing did not actually happen.

Robert Brown Jr's defense attorney says they pulled the motion because even if he did manage to get out of jail, he may end up back inside.

Brown's attorney met with prosecution prior to going before a judge, where he said he learned the prosecution plans to bring more charges against his client.

As of Tuesday, Brown was charged with two counts of child exploitation, but in the coming weeks, more serious charges could be brought forward.

“If indeed we secured his bond in whatever way here today,” Brown’s attorney Richard Rush said, "whether that be the judge let him out on home incarceration, or he was able to post the current bond or some lowered bond, the reality would be that he would be re-arrested.”

One of the current charges alleges that Brown took part in a sexual act that engages in bestiality, the other charge alleges a sexual act with a minor under twelve years old.

There will likely be more information obtained that will lead to more charges.

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