Roundabouts presented as options to add to Eastern Parkway

Roundabouts presented as options to add to Eastern Parkway

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – A drive down Eastern Parkway may soon look different.

Metro Louisville's Eastern Parkway project team unveiled new designs for changes to the corridor Tuesday night. The potential changes include possibly adding two new roundabouts, one at Bradley and another at Barrett.

People from various neighborhoods along the road packed into the Audubon Traditional Elementary School.

"This is something people care about," Mike Sewell, the project manager, said. "They want a beautiful parkway."

Sewell said one of their main focuses is safety and they know residents are concerned about that, too.

"If we cannot design something that's safer for more people, we've not done our jobs," Sewell said.

Jessica Hildebrand bought a home off Eastern Parkway about a year and a half ago and told WAVE 3 News safety is a big concern to her, too.

"I've noticed sitting in the backyard that the traffic can be very heavy sometimes, and it also can be very fast, which is a concern," Hildebrand said. "I've seen a number of accidents, so I am concerned."

She said she's looking forward to the potential changes and thinks it's a positive thing for the area.

Project staff said another big topic that residents are concerned about regarding the project is the tree canopy. Ron Bolton, the Schnitzelburg Area community council president, said trees are lacking throughout the parkway.

"I mean it is a parkway," Bolton said. "The easements are a park for what little bits lack trees, I think we should just, you know, fill them in."

The project is still in the planning phase, so they are considering all alternative options. Sewell said they are hoping to have some renderings and a plan to present by the end of March. He said he wants to keep hearing from the public on what they would like to see until then.

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