Owners of Seng Jewelers sentenced for theft of dying woman’s diamond ring

Lee and Scott Davis each were indicted on a felony charge involving this $54,000 ring.
Lee and Scott Davis each were indicted on a felony charge involving this $54,000 ring.(Photo provided by plaintiff's lawyer)
Published: Jan. 30, 2020 at 6:13 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A popular Louisville jeweler will have to pay a woman’s husband back $40,000 or risk going to prison.

It’s one of the conditions a local attorney calls a slap on the wrist.

It was September when Lee and Scott Davis of Seng Jewelers were indicted on felony theft charges. They’d been accused of selling off a Winston diamond ring valued at $54,000 they’d consigned.

However, according to the indictment, they never gave the portion of the money owed to the ring’s original owner, Jo Lynn Baker Shrader. Shrader needed the money to pay for her cancer treatment.

For more than a year, Shrader unsuccessfully asked for her portion of the money, or to get her ring back.

Shrader died in November, one month after the indictment.

Her attorney, who is suing Seng Jewelers, told WAVE 3 News it was outrageous that the once-prominent jewelers were able to keep the profits of the sale, instead of giving back the full value of the ring.

“They are getting the benefit of a consignment deal when what they did was steal her ring,” Spalding told WAVE 3 News. "They are still rewarding them for stealing her money.

“They took a lady who was terminally ill, and took her ring and pulled the wool over her head.”

A judge gave the Davises two years of diversion, which is similar to probation. The judge also ordered them to pay the victim’s husband $40,000 by March 24.

If the business owners fail to make the payment, they could serve time in prison.

Spalding said the victim's husband was never asked about the plea deal.

The sentence is part of a diversion deal, meaning if the Davises comply with the terms of their probation and payment, the convictions would be dismissed. They could later ask for the charges to be expunged.

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