Portland Christian School robotics team invention helps accessibility in community

Robotics team invention helps accessibility in community

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Portland Christian School's first Lego League is causing a stir in the robotics world.

The school’s robotics team is comprised of fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade programmers, strategists, managers, captains and drivers.

All six members offer their individual strengths, but 11-year-old programmer Lydia Kratt helped her team find its purpose.

“My friend ... has problems with depth perception,” Kratt said. “That’s one of the reasons why she’s scared of escalators.”

“We all have friends that had disabilities or different things, and we wanted to be able to touch something in the community,” 12-year-old strategist Seth Warner said.

The team is using its good vibrations invention to remove fears and provide accessibility for everyone.

“There is something called a transducer that is inside of the escalator step” 10-year-old Noah Lyninger said. “A transducer is a device that takes one form of energy and changes into another.”

It then causes a vibration underneath the escalator steps.

The team wants good vibrations in churches, airports and malls, so if someone can’t see an escalator, they can feel the buzz under their feet telling them where it starts and when to get off.

“Our goal was just to make the community better, make the world a better place, so they don’t have to be left out,” 11-year-old strategist Austin Weaver said.

With a patent in the works, the team is making its community more inclusive.

Out of 49 teams across the state of Kentucky, Portland Christian finished in third place, and was automatically invited to national competitions in Arkansas and West Virginia.

The team also won first place for a Global Innovation award. First LEGO League only selects two teams out of the 49 to represent Kentucky. The teams who win the award have been recognized by First LEGO League as having the best project idea most likely to be implemented.

The team also has a chance to compete in Disney World and win $20,000.

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