River Road families, businesses prepare for Ohio River flooding

River Road families, businesses prepare for Ohio River flooding

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – Pam Brown loves the view of her new home in Juniper Beach.

“It feels like you're on vacation all year long,” Brown said.

But it’s a vacation for which Brown will have to take a rain check.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to dodge the bullet,” Brown said.

The bullet is coming in the form of the Ohio River creeping up to the home she and her husband Tim moved into in October. They planned to renovate the home and build higher on the property, but the high water came too soon.

Wednesday, they fought round one with the Ohio River, moving their belongings out of the first floor of the house and into a U-Haul or up to the second floor.

"It gets in the house at 23 and a half to 24 [feet], that range,” Tim Brown, Pam’s husband said. “So, if it goes to 28, we're looking somewhere through here.”

They hired workers to help them move the furniture while their dogs took one last lap around a yard that will soon be a swamp.

"This is the first big one, yeah, first big one for us here,” Pam Brown said.

The family is rolling up the rug for the first time, but this isn’t Brent George's first rodeo. In 2018, his restaurant, Cunningham’s Creekside, was underwater.

Wednesday, the business was packed for lunch while George and his employees kept their eyes on the water.

“We don't anticipate doing any kind of shutdowns or anything until we know for sure that there's an imminent flood,” George said. “We're doing the planning. I mean, we are planning for absolutely the worst but hoping for the best.”

Part of the planning is being proactive. Brent installed sideboards that come off the building, equipment on wheels and outlets on the ceiling.

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