8 Madison Consolidated HS students hospitalized in 4 days with similar symptoms

8 Madison Consolidated HS students hospitalized in 4 days with similar symptoms

MADISON, Ind. (WAVE) - Eight students from an area high school have been hospitalized in recent days.

Madison Consolidated High School issued a statement about the matter on Thursday:

“In the last four days, there have been 8 students transported to the ER with similar symptoms which included: elevated heart rate, dilated pupils, fluctuated breath patterns, some limpness or in some cases a loss of consciousness.”

The statement also indicated that “confirmed evidence” of vaping has been found, but there’s been no confirmation that that is what is causing the illnesses.

Kodi Applegate, the Jefferson County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Coordinator, told WAVE 3 News by phone that vaping is impacting all students.

“It’s not just troubled children or the children who are usually caught doing other bad things,” Applegate said.

Applegate added it’s important parents know what vaping or e-cigarette products are on the market.

“Know the most common products the kids are using,” Applegate said.

The devices can be easy to hide, but Applegate suggested parents check backpacks and bedrooms and talk to their kids about this.

“I would recommend not bombarding them,” Applegate said. “Don’t have a lecture, just try to talk to them and maybe ask them questions like are your friends vaping or have you seen anybody vaping? Or ask them what they know about e-cigarettes. Just some general questions and get a feel and make them feel comfortable with opening up rather than giving them a lecture.”

The school said it is working with several and law-enforcement and health agencies to figure out what is happening, adding that school resource officers are leading the “high-priority” internal investigation.

The school has increased its on-site nursing staff for the time being.

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