Relief work set to begin in areas hit by Cumberland River flooding

Relief work set to begin in areas hit by Cumberland River flooding
Relief work is set to begin following flooding on the Cumberland River. (Source: WKYT)

WHITLEY CO., (WKYT) - The Cumberland River has returned to more normal levels in southern Kentucky and flood relief is about to begin.

Local officials tell us the Cumberland River in Whitley County is just over 12 feet now, which is well below the 30 or so feet it was about a week ago.

Now, relief work is about to begin.

Kentucky Baptist Relief will have several crews in the region.

Dave Hampton has helped people recover from disasters all over the United States, but starting Tuesday he’ll be helping his neighbors in Bell, Harlan and Whitley counties.

He says they will be doing mud out and muck out work, which is more or less removing everything down to the studs in homes so that people can rebuild.

“Carrying out anything that is damaged, putting it on the street or in a dumpster, and then we will clean all the mud out of the houses," Hampton said. "The houses we assessed so far all had mud in them. Anywhere from a quarter of an inch to 5 or 6 inches of mud.”

Local officials say there is also a group of retired military folks, called Team Rubicon, that will be helping in Whitley County that will also start Tuesday.

Whitley County officials say, in that county alone, there were more than 50 homes damaged in the flooding.

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