False active-shooter threats called in from Seneca High School

False active-shooter threats called in from Seneca High School

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Seneca High School parents were given a scare Wednesday when dropping their children off at school.

A Jefferson County Public Schools spokesperson told WAVE 3 News that more than one false active-shooter threat was called in to Louisville Metro Police around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

“It was so scary," Shekia Williams said. “They [police] got out pointing their rifles at the school and I was like ‘Hey, hey hey my baby just walked in there.’ It was like they were all in the army or something."

Williams told WAVE 3 News she watched as police barreled down on the school. She had just dropped her son off and said she immediately prepared for the worst.

“I fell down in the ground; I’m not going to lie,” Williams said.

Police swept the school and verified there was no threat, but both Seneca High School and John Paul II Academy nearby went on lockdown for part of the morning.

“This is sad," Williams said. "This is scary. Every single day we have to go through something over here.”

A WAVE 3 News Troubleshooter investigation showed there were seven weapons found on Seneca’s campus in the first 47 school days. In October, an assistant principal suffered injuries when he was bashed in the head with a glass beaker trying to break up a fight. And in November, another student was arrested and accused of headbutting an assistant principal.

JCPS also confirmed to WAVE 3 News there was no off-duty officer in the building during Wednesday’s believed threat.

Williams said all of these incidents make her son nervous about going to school.

“My son has anxiety because he’s afraid," Williams said. "He’s like, ‘Mom I’m going to school.’”

Seneca High School’s Interim Principal Michael Guy sent a letter to parents Wednesday morning:

Dear Redhawks Family:

I want to provide an update to you about a matter on our campus this morning that was proven to be a hoax and there was never a threat to our scholars. Scholars called in false reports to law enforcement about threats to our school. We immediately alerted JCPS Security and Louisville Metro Police to conduct an investigation. It was quickly determined the information was not credible and was inaccurate.

As a precaution, our school remained on lockdown temporarily this morning and we resumed our normal schedule around 10 a.m. As a result of what happened, two scholars have been disciplined according to our policies and procedures.

I want to thank our scholars and staff who followed our safety procedures this morning and fully cooperated while the matter was being investigated. Please know your child’s safety and well-being are our priorities here at Seneca High School. We value being a part of your scholar’s educational experience in JCPS and we always want to keep the lines of communication open with our families. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our office.

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