SnowTALK! Weather Blog: Tuesday Update

SnowTALK! Weather Blog

Messy setup this afternoon/night with the showers/drizzle/fog. But it will at least stay all liquid so we are just talking about wet roads.

Our weather turns more wintry starting Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY SYSTEM: Rain showers for much of the daytime period. After 2-3pm, colder air will start to push into our NW sections (Indiana) with a gradual changeover to snow. This rain to snow transition will continue to the SE through sunset and the early evening. It looks like when your temperatures drop to about 36° you should start to see snow mixing in and then a changeover. The warm/wet ground will limit any accumulations for the first few hours of this event. The exception looks to be across our northern sections where you will still have decent moisture as you get colder. Therefore a greater accumulation potential and also the risk for slick spots/slush. At this time, the heaviest of this system looks to stay just to our north but we’ll need to monitor the trends. In addition to this messy setup, the will ramp up as well. The main wind gusts look to take place in the evening as the colder air rushes in. Gusts look to fall just short of a Wind Advisory but it’ll be close. While this will make it feel quite cold out, it will help in also drying up the roads before we drop into the 20s overnight.

THURSDAY NIGHT/FRIDAY AM: This will be a classic clipper system. Something we haven’t seen much of this winter. These waves are fast and have limited moisture. Having said that, they can contain surprises and we have witnessed that many times around here. What do I mean by surprises? More enhancement of the snow showers to “overachieve” on amounts. But before you get too excited, the data is showing less than 1″ for its path. Any “overachieving” would be more in line of 1 to may 2″ in a narrow band. While that isn’t a lot, it has been a pretty sad winter so that would be exciting. I think this system will be more about timing. A quick-hitting snowfall near the Friday AM commute is bad news...even if just a dusting. The roads will be colder compared to the Wednesday system so this one deserves some attention. Stay tuned.

FRIDAY NIGHT/SATURDAY AM: One more clipper moves in but this one will have a tough battle. The above two systems would have exhausted any moisture in the area by this point. So it looks like flurries or perhaps a dusting right now.

After the weekend, the focus returns to thunderstorms.

More on today’s video.


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