Myth busting the coronavirus

One young man told WAVE3 News that he heard the darker your skin, the least likely you are to catch the virus.
Updated: Feb. 28, 2020 at 11:37 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - As the world watches the spread of COVID-19, rumors and myths have been popping up about the virus and causing worry. So, a WAVE 3 News crew hit the streets of Louisville to ask people what myths they’ve heard about the coronavirus.

Unsurprisingly, most replied with the joke that the coronavirus came from Corona beer. One woman said she even saw a story about a Florida man who used his cough as a weapon while breaking into a house, claiming he had the coronavirus.

The stories range from downright silly, to downright dangerous. Many people responded they have been told the virus is incredibly deadly and that it’s here in Louisville.

However, COVID-19 is mostly overseas so far and is thought to only have a 2 percent fatality rate.

The official word in Louisville is that 10 people are self-monitoring and are not showing symptoms, but rumors have made some believe it's taking a bigger toll and spreading more quickly than the evidence shows.

Some people told WAVE 3 News they heard the virus can live on packages sent from China. Additionally, some have made claims the virus lives in the air inside of bubble wrap and if you pop it, you can be exposed.

It’s important to know, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID-19 is transmitted by droplets from sneezes or coughs. All coronaviruses, including the common cold, cannot live long on surfaces.

One young man told WAVE3 News that he heard the darker your skin, the least likely you are to catch the virus. But the CDC says anyone who comes into close contact with someone infected is at risk.

While some see alcohol as the cause, others see it as the solution, saying that drinking kills the virus. The truth is, though, the number of people looking for homemade cures is no laughing matter. People are recommending swallowing bleach, which is part of a laundry list of bunk home remedies.

The sober reality is that masks don't even fully protect you from contracting the coronavirus. Just wash your hands and avoid contact with others that are sick.

“A flu shot is not going to protect me from coronavirus, and that is true,” UofL Professor of Infectious Diseases Dr. Ruth Carrico said. “But I think the thing to remember is anybody who has had the flu, when you have symptoms of the flu, we know it’s not just a lung disease. It’s an infection that makes you feel terrible and affects you much more broadly than your lungs. If you are ill your baseline is now down here.”

The bottom line: The only information you should trust regarding the coronavirus and how to stay away from it will come from the CDC, the World Health Organization and your local health officials.

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