VanHoose Continues to Inspire Crowds Across the Country

VanHoose Continues to Inspire Crowds Across the Country
Marlana VanHoose singing National Anthem (Source: Kendrick Haskins)

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WAVE) - Marlana VanHoose has a voice that has inspired fans, players, and even presidents. “I met the president, and I told him that Jesus Christ and God’s word would be the only one that will make America great again with his help,” said VanHoose.

Marlana VanHoose, born in 1995 with a mild case of cerebral palsy Cytomegalovirus (CMV) which rendered her blind. has been singing the national anthem all across the country since 2012 when she made her debut at a U-K women’s basketball game. “It was great. The video went viral and it was super,” recalls VanHoose. “I remember the first time. My legs were shaking. It’s gotten a little easier,” said her mom, Theresa VanHoose.

Since then, she has sung at everything from the NBA Finals, opening day for the Cincinnati Reds, and the Republican National Convention. You would think performing in front of these huge crowds, and in front of all kinds of dignitaries that Marlana would get a little bit of butterflies in her stomach, but she says nope, she never gets nervous. “God is always there with me, and I’ve never been nervous in my entire life,” said VanHoose.

Aside from singing and her faith, Marlana has another love in her life...her Kentucky Wildcats. “I’ve been a fan of UK since my younger days,” said VanHoose. On this day, the Cats were taking on Auburn, pulling out a 73-66 victory after Marlana brought the house down once again.

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