StormTALK! Weather Blog: Tuesday Edition

StormTALK! Tuesday

It was a busy morning with the rain/wind, but no severe weather in the area. We will have a much calmer setup for the evening ride back home.

The next main focus will be on the setup for Thursday. It will feature a warm front early in the day and a cold front into the nighttime hours. In between the two fronts will be the main period to watch for some organized severe thunderstorms. The challenge right now is determining “who” will be in that zone and for “how long”?

The Storm Prediction Center has already highlighted at least a low-end risk for organized severe weather and that seems fair given the data we have on hand today. The “warm sector” zone does look murky in terms of lots of clouds. But will that be enough to limit thunderstorm coverage? Will there be more sunshine than expected and therefore a higher threat? Yes to both. For now.

It will turn cooler by Saturday with a chilly rain expected.

We will jump back into thunderstorm-mode next week.

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