StormTALK! Weather Blog: Wednesday Edition

StormTALK! Weather Blog

Quiet weather for the afternoon and tonight with a mainly cloudy setup.

The main focus for today’s video will be the thunderstorm risk for Thursday evening/night. It is not locked in as we will face many changes to our weather over a short period of time. This leaves a margin of error on dynamic events like severe thunderstorms.

Overall, it appears we will start off cool with some clouds/patchy fog. The warming will ramp up by midday into the afternoon with a surge into the 60s likely. If any sun breaks can develop, low to mid 70s would be possible. However, the latest data is still suggesting lots of clouds and even some showers. Both of which can help in taming the severe risk later.

The main period of thunderstorms looks to be roughly 6pm-midnight. There will be a risk for some wind gusts up to 60 mph, large hail and yes...even a tornado or two. But how organized this threat becomes will just depends on how the daytime elements play out.

Just stay close to the forecast for updates and make sure YOU HAVE A WAY TO GET ALERTS!

The video will cover all of this in more detail plus a look at the weekend setup.

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