Mack on NCAA decision and the next few weeks

Mack on NCAA decision and the next few weeks
UofL head coach Chris Mack (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Today is the day we expected to be filling out NCAA Tournament brackets. Instead UofL head coaches were meeting in the Thorntons Academic Center of Excellence at Cardinal Stadium this afternoon.

“At this point what’s going on in my mind is more the concern just for our country," UofL men’s basketball head coach Chris Mack said. “I think the initial shock of not having the tournament and watching our seniors having to finish their career in such an odd way was more the last couple days, but now it’s more just a concern of our country and the rest of the world sort of getting through this and getting by this.”

UofL vice president of athletics Vince Tyra emailed a letter to fans, saying, in part, “the University of Louisville, in conjunction with the Atlantic Coast Conference and the NCAA, has suspended all athletic related activities including all competition, formal and organized practice, recruiting and participation in NCAA championships until further notice.”

“Just a lot of working from home, a lot of just trying to stay in contact with our kids, our student-athletes, the recruiting is simply stuff on the phone, not in person, on campus or off campus visits," Mack said. “So it’s just a weird time."

Yes, the fact that his team was not able to compete in the ACC Tournament or the NCAA Tournament stings, but spring sports seasons were ended just as they were getting started.

“I don’t think there’s any solace for anybody when it comes to their season being abruptly ended,” Mack said. “I feel bad for all spring sports, not really getting off the ground really. At the same time I feel for our kids and Jeff Walz and his team as well, it’s really, really an odd, unprecedented type of experience right now.”

With his three kids out of school, the Mack’s will get a jump start on some additional family time.

“Unplanned family time, I mean, again, you know me, I always try to keep the job and my family intertwined, so I don’t feel like anything is different, other than they’re not at school all day long and just a very unique time that we live in.”

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