StormTALK! Weather Blog: Wednesday Update

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The weather will become active at times until a cold front sweeps through early Friday. No, it will not storm that entire time and nor will all storms that pass through here become severe. This is all about the ingredients lining up for fuel that only needs some wind energy to help create a tailpipe for some of these bad boys. That is when the risk for damaging winds/isolated tornadoes will start to show up.

First round looks to arrive in a matter of hours. There will be an increase in showers/thunderstorms from the west by mid afternoon. This is a case where the wind energy is there, but the fuel is not entirely high. This will lead to a isolated cases of severe wind gust potential and perhaps a brief tornado. Most will pick up lots of lightning, small hail and very heavy rainfall. We will monitor the setup carefully.

Tonight... it will remain warm and humid (for March standards). There will still be a boundary across southern KY. There is a chance a few t-storms may develop overnight along that zone. If they do, they would be quite loud with thunder and perhaps small hail. Severe wind/hail/tornado threat is slower with this round but we will have to watch them all night long.

Thursday: Another surge of warm will push in during the midday. There signs that we will develop a bit of a lid on the atmosphere into the afternoon. That would then set the stage for a windy and very warm period with some spots not far from 80 degrees! The level of concern for thunderstorms to feed on that will wait until the evening when a strong wind belt pushes in from the west. That threat will slowly ease west to east overnight, but it will likely keep us on our toes for isolated severe wind/hail and even a tornado or two.

The cold front pushes in early Friday morning to end the threat.

Busy couple of days of ahead of us in the meantime!

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